“We all face stormy times in our lives.

 Storms that can seem impossible to bear, however once the storm is over, we wonder to ourselves how we got through them and managed to survive.

 One thing is for certain, those storms we go through, will change our lives forever. We will not be the same person who walked into them, we will be someone who has become wiser and stronger!”  –Unknown/Debbie


Something is not quite right...

“It was Thursday, September 29, 1983, and I woke up completely exhausted. The sun was shining but it felt cloudy to me. I had not had much sleep that last week. My family was experiencing a lot of turmoil and confusion. I felt sick to my stomach, not like the flu, but like you know in your heart that something is terribly wrong…”

What was terribly wrong would be an average American family struck with a blow so fierce
that it would change them forever. An illness gone untreated, desperate pleas for help that would never come, and a devastating consequence that would leave everyone involved grief-stricken and stunned.

Silent Voices is a suspenseful and heartfelt saga about a family faced with tragic consequences. Desperate for answers, they would be left to lie in wait for the inevitable. A son’s decent into darkness and delusional rage would send him into a rampage that would shake a family and community to its core.

Silent Voices will pull you into an emotionally gripping story of one family’s plight to save their son and endure the ultimate betrayal. It’s a story of love, forgiveness and commitment to family that must be told to give “voice” to those silenced that terrible day.

Author Debbie Nau Redmond wrote Silent Voices® to create a platform to give voice and understanding to those families like her own who have been deeply affected by mental illness.

Praise and acknowledgements for Silent Voices

Silent Voices - 2016 10th Annual National Indie Excellence Award - FInalist
Silent Voices - 2016 Award Winner/Silver - Non Fiction/Memoir with Readers Favorite
Review By Cyrus Webb - Conversations LIVE! Radio Show

” I was excited to hear that Debbie Nau Redmond had re-released her book SILENCE VOICES as the topic is even more topic today than when it was first published. There were so many emotions I felt as I was reading this book. As I have said before as someone who is not a parent I can’t imagine what it’s like for you to have a child that is in need of help and know that you don’t have all of the answers. There is nothing like being in a family where there is someone who is yearning to be understood, and doesn’t know that those around him or there not as the enemy but to be a friend. In SILENT VOICES Redmond takes us on a journey with her family as they deal with not just mental illness but the frustration of not being able to make it all better.

It is because of books like Debbie’s that I am able to have compassion for others as well as empathy for those who are in a situation where they don’t know how to make everything all right. For Debbie’s brother Ricky there was the realization that your mind could not always be trusted, and that you were capable of doing what would be the unimaginable with no real understanding of the consequences.

This book is about mental illness, but it is also about understanding the effect that it has on all that are around it. I think that I also got from this book how much we are all inter-related in our quest to have happiness, security and the protection that sometimes seems to be with everyone but us.

In the end Debbie was able to rise from the tragedy and the loss and come to the understanding that her story was one that could not just help her but others as well. Telling this story reminds me that we can’t be silent when we know that people are not getting the assistance they need, and we also have to be ready to step in when it seems as those weakest among us need our strength.

This book is a rallying cry for all of us to realize the potential we have and move forward to help others change their lives for the better. Artfully presented and shared with emotion and purpose, SILENT VOICES will be a book that reminds us of the fact that together we are never alone.”

Reader's Favorite - 5 Stars

“Silent Voices is an emotionally charged and engaging novel written by Debbie Nau Redmond. This is a personal story inspired by true events and real people in Redmond’s life. Debbie was born into a tight knit: an all-American family from Colorado. She was the youngest and had six brothers and one sister, who loved camping and the great outdoors. Her brother Ricky was dealing with some apparent severe mental illness that was not correctly diagnosed or treated by physicians and left to spiral out of control. He had terrible and violent hallucinations, outbursts and a deep rage burning inside of him just waiting to get out. The family felt helpless and the struggle began to try to help one sibling and protect the others. Redmond does an amazing job of relaying this emotionally raw and heart-wrenching true story. Each chapter is detailed and to the point with added photos and news articles that connect the reader to the Nau Family. The language is easy to comprehend and the plot is solid. The cover of the book is captivating and really eats at one’s heart. You just have to pick it up to see why the seemingly happy family’s photo is shattered and bloodied. Schizophrenia is a real mental illness and happens within numerous families each year. Redmond portrays an entire family suffering from pain and anguish and trying to cope with an unbearable illness. The family must struggle and find their inner faith to deal with devastation and loss, while trying to remain a family unit. You will not see the ending coming. I cried and felt so much compassion for the Nau Family. A single event can really change a family forever. Well done, Debbie Nau Redmond! By writing this story so beautifully, you have truly done your family proud and have inspired us readers simultaneously. Outstanding!”

Readers Favorite
Reviewed by Rita V

Midwest Book Review

“Mental illness is perhaps the most misunderstood thing in today’s society. “Silent Voices: The True Story of One Family’s Tragedy and Journey Toward Acceptance, Grace and Forgiveness” is a memoir of Debbie Nau Redmond as she recollects the tragedy of her brother’s schizophrenia and the severe impact it had on her family. Wishing for greater understanding of schizophrenia and the severe mental illness, “Silent Voices” is a much needed read for those who want to truly understand mental illness and all it’s problems.

Midwest Book Review
Carl Logan

Steven W. Jackson

“Debbie Nau Redmond has written a personal and painful account of the terrible toll that mental illness takes on individuals and on their families.  More important, this retelling of the love and affection that her family shared as they struggled with an on-going tragedy is a powerful reminder of the strength of family bonds.  This is an important read for anyone struggling with these issues.”

Steven W. Jackson MSW LCSW

NAMI Review

“Debbie did an amazing job through her story of portraying the barriers to accessing mental health care. Her story paints an accurate picture of the roller coaster that many families feel they can never get off of, while on the journey to recovery with their loved ones. Her family story is one of resiliency even in incredibly difficult times, had the family had psychoeducational resources then, that we have now maybe the outcome would have been different.”

Lacey Berumen, Phd-c, MNM
Executive Director NAMI Colorado

Reader's Favorite - 5 Stars

“Author Debbie Nau Redmond’s family seemed to be a typical middle class family with her mother, father, six brothers and a sister living in Littleton, Colorado, enjoying camping, hiking and just being together. Her brother Ricky seemed to have a golden touch as he did everything easily. Then, in his last years of high school, a friend encouraged him to try drugs and Ricky seemed to change, losing weight, just sitting around the house. He graduated from high school, joined the Navy, and then began writing strange letters home to his parents about demons chasing him. The Nau family realized when Ricky came home that he was mentally ill and reached out to the Veterans Hospital and local hospitals for help. Ricky wouldn’t take the medication the doctors prescribed and his violence against his mother, father, and family members began to escalate. His mother and father tried and tried again to obtain help for Ricky but even their attempts to hospitalize him did not succeed. Then, on September 29, 1983, a terrible tragedy occurs for this already overburdened family.
”Silent Voices” is a well-written testimonial to the horrors, the grief and the bravery of a family attempting to live with the overwhelming mental illness of one of their members. Yes, Debbie Nau Redmond writes well of her brother Ricky’s descent into schizophrenia and how her family attempted to cope with it. The Nau family acted always with love and compassion, trying time and time again to gain help for a family member out of control and the author admits that back in the 1980’s the knowledge of this brain disease and how to control it did not exist as it does today. Author Redmond does an excellent job of citing agencies, websites, and organizations that work to help the Schizophrenic and their family. Her poems and pictures of her family in their happier days are poignant. “Silent Voices” is an important, well-organized book about Schizophrenia and its devastating effects on the lives of those around the afflicted.”

Readers Favorite
Reviewed by Alice D.

Reader's Favorite - 5 Stars
“Born and raised in Littleton, Colorado, Debbie Redmond was the youngest of eight children. Their family loved each other deeply. Their parents always found the time to spend with their children, whether it be camping, or some individual interest of one child. That deep love held this family together when everything fell apart. The family knew something wasn’t right by the letters Ricky was sending home while serving in the military. But when he was sent home by an honorable discharge, they realized something was terribly wrong, and he kept getting worse. Having been diagnosed with schizophrenia, Ricky spent some time in the Veteran’s Hospital. The family worked with local agencies and behavioral health organizations and psychiatrists that helped for a while, but then they dismissed him. It was when a terrible tragedy occurred that this story was brought to the limelight, and people learned how the system had failed this family. But they all stuck together, they recognized Ricky’s illness and never stopped loving him. And they were able to live through their tragedy and all of the difficulties brought on by their mentally ill brother.

Reading “Silent Voices” and how this family of ten lived with mental illness was amazing. And the love they had for Ricky is heartwarming. This was definitely a family full of love and acceptance of each other. I really enjoyed reading about their life growing up. It is neat that some of the things they made on their camping trips, like rock trails, are still there today. What an amazing lifestyle to grow up in, and what amazing parents that taught their children the characteristics of life that they taught them. As you can tell, I enjoyed this book thoroughly. I loved learning about the places in Colorado we otherwise would never hear of. I have found out that Debbie is writing another book, and I am looking forward to learning more about this family. You can’t go wrong reading a copy of this wonderful book!”

By Joy H.

Readers Favorite