“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by us standing in our own sunshine.”  – Raph Waldo Emerson

Let’s face it; negative people or situations can really be overpowering or stressful. Staying positive is one of the most difficult things to do. It takes hard work and consistent practice in being positive. However, thinking positive thoughts, saying positive words and believe positive feelings can truly make a difference. It can change your outlook, change your life course and bring wonderful people into your life. Trust me! It can work and it has worked for me on many occasions.

Here are some suggestions of things to think about, to do and to say to help you create a better life.

  1. Say positive affirmations daily! Think it! Say it! Believe it! And it will be created! I think this is the most important thing you can do for yourself. See affirmation examples at the end of this list.
  2. Happiness is a choice. Make that choice daily and say out loud, “I am happy!”
  3. Some stresses are unavoidable, however, stress is still a choice. Find ways to release your stress in a healthy way.
  4. Take quiet time for yourself. Try to do this daily if possible. Five minutes will do. Just reflect, mediate, pray or sit in silence. Do whatever is comfortable to you. The important part is to release the chatter in your mind and connect with your soul.
  5. Keep good habits – exercise, eat healthy and sleep. Exercise will release stress. Eating healthy makes your body feel good. Getting enough sleep helps awaken the brain to function better. If your body feels good, you feel good, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  6. Forgiveness – It’s for you, not them! Holding anger and grudges against others is mentally not healthy. It only hurts you. You can forgive someone but still hold him or her accountable. Forgiveness doesn’t change the past but it does create a better future.
  7. You can only find happiness inside yourself. You will never find it through other people, places or what you do.
  8. Surround yourself with positive people and let go of the negative people. It is okay to let go of people who bring you down – family or friends. Be with people who support and encourage you.
  9. Stop! Take a moment to listen and notice life around you. Seriously! Listen to the birds and the wind in the trees, smell the flowers, watch the clouds or the sunset, hear and see what is around you. Just be quiet and notice. Life is precious. Appreciate it.
  10. Be open-minded. Otherwise, you might miss out on something wonderful.
  11. Laugh at yourself. Try to find humor everyday situations.
  12. Believe in Karma. What goes around comes around. That applies to you too. Always be kind and do kind things.
  13. Life will always difficult and there will always be change. We need to accept it and embrace it. Change keeps us growing and learning.
  14. Focus on what you have, not what you have lost.
  15. Do things that make you happy.
  16. Stop the blaming games and excuses. Take responsibility for your own life, actions, decisions, beliefs and feelings. Don’t be the victim.
  17. Worrying does not change the outcome.
  18. Don’t act old! Be a child sometimes. Ride a bike, color, fly a kite, play in the rain, ride a roller coaster, eat cotton candy, play tag, kick the ball, skip down the street, climb a tree or lie in the grass and look at clouds. Have fun and laugh.
  19. Gratitude. Every night say three things of what you were grateful for that day.
  20. Everything happens for a reason. Even if we cannot see it or understand it, there is an unknown reason for it all. Just have faith!
  21. Learn from your mistakes.
  22. See life as an exciting, scary, fun-filled adventure that makes us grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  23. Always be honest with yourself and others.
  24. Ask yourself – “How do I want to be remembered?”       Try to be someone that people will want to remember.
  25. Give praise. Recognize the good in others.
  26. Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do.
  27. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s wasted energy. Focus on yourself and what wonderful things you have to offer.
  28. Try new things! Take a chance!
  29. The more you think it, the more you become it. If you think negative, you will become negative. If you think positive, you will become positive and produce positive results.
  30. Keep life balanced with work and play.
  31. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.
  32. Hate, anger and resentment makes you ugly. People will see it and feel it. You cannot hide it. Find a way to release it.
  33. Choose your friends wisely.
  34. Dare to dream! Create short-term or long-term dreams or goals. See it, tell it, plan it, work it and enjoy it!
  35. Celebrate your accomplishments. No matter how big or small they are.
  36. Realize there are many different paths to take in life. It one doesn’t work out, that’s okay. Be thankful you realized it, let it go and try a new path. Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to try again.
  37. View your problems as opportunities.
  38. There is always a silver lining in every bad situation. We just have to step back for a second to see it.
  39. Attitude, attitude, attitude! Keep your attitude up when circumstances are down. Don’t spend time thinking about how bad things are; think about how good they will be!
  40. We ALL want to be loved and accepted. So, give love and acceptance!
  41. One word that holds us back – “If.” It keeps us in the past. “If I did this,” “if I did that,” “If I only said this,” and “If I only done that.” You can’t change the past, so you need to stop looking back and move forward.
  42. Don’t judge! Everyone has his or her own “souls” journey to take. It is not our job to judge them. They have experiences they need to go through in their life. So respect it and try to understand it.
  43. Relax!
  44. Clean house! Let go of things that don’t matter – physically, mentally and emotionally!
  45. No one is perfect. Let go of that expectation and enjoy their uniqueness!
  46. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
  47. Always give your best.
  48. Be true to who you are. Live life for you, not others.
  49. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life: Baby giggling, crackling of a fire, rainbows, great sunrise, great meal, bubble bath, funny joke, bowl of ice cream, fresh rain or a good friend.
  50. Happiness isn’t where you find it. Happiness is where you create it.

Everything begins with a thought.  Our thought becomes actions. Our actions become habitats. Our habitats create our character and life. If we want to change our life, we have to change the way we think.

I am a firm believer that you can create what you want in life. I also believe how you act, think and do is what is attracted into your life.  So you need to ask yourself - Are you attracting positive things into your life? If not, why?

Here are just a few examples of positive affirmations that I learned from different authors that I say to create my dreams and desires.  Use these or create your own.

I am worthy of abundance
I am deserve the best and accept the best now
I prosper wherever I turn
I love myself
I have wonderful relationships
I am happy
I am healthy
I am disease free
I have the self-esteem, power, and confidence to move forward
I deserve great things
I am enjoying life
I am grateful for all I have
The past is over; it has no power over me
I refuse to be helpless
I am no longer a victim
There is no problem I cannot overcome
I am willing to forgive
All is perfect, whole and complete
Each day is a new opportunity
Everything I need to know is revealed to me
Everything I need comes to me
My pathway is now smooth
I am free of the past
I am debt free
I am protected
Life provides for me
Money flows to me easily
I am experiencing love
I am having fun
Life is wonderful to me
I have many wonderful friends
Abundance flows to me
My income is constantly increasing
I work for people who appreciate me
I am healed and whole
Only good experiences lie before me
I love life
I let go of all my fear and doubt
Opportunities are everywhere for me
My potential is unlimited
I now do work I love and I am well paid for it
I am magnet for money
I am grateful for being alive today
I am willing to change
I am releasing all negativity in my life
I am in the process of positive changes
I release all drama in my life and live in peace
I have a great and wonderful life
I allow good experiences to fill my life
I let go of fear and doubt

Reminder Words for A Positive Life…

Meditation or pray
Release fear
Giving thanks
Self Discipline
Self Esteem
Facing Problems
Self Reliance
Gut Instincts
Embrace change
Take a chance
Keep life balanced
Healthy habits
Open Heart
Enjoy life
Like yourself
Stay true to yourself
Don’t give up
Let it go
Don’t judge
Be open minded