“Life is full of hills and valleys, the only way to make it through it,
is to put on a good pair of hiking boots and keep going.”  – Debbie

About Me

I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Growing up in a family of eight children, I was the youngest, and developed a true understanding of family dynamics of love and loyalty.

I had a brother who was diagnosed with Acute Schizophrenia. The journey that my family and I endured in dealing with this difficult disease inspired me to write the book called Silent Voices. I always knew my heart that this was my spiritual life path to share my journey with others.

My desire is to give “voice” to my brother, my family and myself who were deeply impacted by this disease. My goal is to make a difference about mental illness. I hope my book will raise awareness about Schizophrenia, but also mental illness in general.

I wrote this book to educate people about mental illness and how it affects a family. The most important thing to me is to teach compassion and to get people to understand how difficult mental illness really is and the turmoil it can cause a family.

I am hoping that all people who read my book will have a better understanding and respect for all individuals affected by mental illness.

Due to my life experience with my brother and mental illness, I also started a charity called Silent Voices Foundation. I hope to raise money for mental illness facilities, programs, research and halfway houses. Please help me make a difference.

Furthermore, I am currently writing my second book to help individuals who are going through the grieving process. Unfortunately, I have had many experiences with losing a loved one. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about the grieving process. I hope my book will be able to help other people know that they are not alone, but most importantly, help them feel better and acknowledge their feelings.

Currently, I work in the corporate field continuing my education in business development and project management. I hope some day to retire and work full time with my charity.

I still live in the Denver area with my husband. I am a Colorado mountain girl and have no desire to leave. I enjoy all the Colorado out-door activities; such as, hiking, camping, jeeping, skiing and snowshoeing. My desire and love for the outdoors is what brings my peace and harmony.