Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

- Swami Sivananda

Silent Voices Book

“It was Thursday, September 29th, and I woke up completely exhausted. The sun was shining but it felt gloomy to me. I hadn’t had much sleep the last week. My family was experiencing a tsunami of turmoil and confusion, and we were so drained from facing the threat of violence. I felt sick to my stomach, not like the flu, but like you know in your heart that something is terribly wrong…” (read more)

Silent Voices Foundation

Silent Voices Foundation

Silent Voices Foundation ® is my charity that I started to help raise awareness about mental illness. I started the charity to give “voice” to my brother Ricky who suffered from Acute Schizophrenia. I hope to make a difference by raising money for facilities and halfway house, education programs, and research for a cure for mental illness. (visit site)


How to Make Life More Positive

How to create a positive life: 50 tips on things to do, to say and to believe to create a better life for yourself.  (more…)

8 is Enough! Tips on How to Survive Siblings

Eight kids are a lot in one family! How did I survive so many siblings? Well, it wasn’t easy! Actually, it still isn’t easy today. Looking back on all the good and bad times over the years, here are my top ten survival tips I have learned and observed on how to deal with siblings.  (more…)

Tips for Parents

Sometimes parents need to listen to their children. Here are my personal tips and suggestions for parents that I have learned by observing my own parents. (more…)

Speaking Engagements & Contact

Special events that I had the privilege to participate in to promote my book and to discuss important topics to me, such as, forgiveness, working through difficult situations, mental illness and how to stay positive in life.

Hire Debbie to Speak

Through life experiences, Debbie has over come many difficult situations that have taught her to turn a negative situation and into positive.

Life is not about lessons, life it is about embracing and learning from your experiences to use them for your own personal growth.

Debbie is a personal speaker who has enthusiasm for her topics and shares real life experiences that teaches compassion, forgiveness and positive tips to over come life’s difficulties.

Debbie enjoys speaking with audiences that are large or small, conferences, meetings, workshops, classes, book clubs, event gatherings, and radio programs.


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